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Sylhet thana list

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Maulvibazar is a part of the Sylhet Division. College: 3 Moulvibazar Govt. Degree College, Moulvi Bazar Govt. Girls' High School. Web Portal: Moulvibazar District Govt. Number of Upazila : 7 Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila, Lakhai Upazila, Madhabpur Upazila, Nabiganj Upazila, Chunarughat Upazila, Baniachang Upazila, Bahubal Upazila, Ajmiriganj Upazila Postal code : Moulvibazar Sadar post code:Barakapan post code:Monumukh post code:Afrozganj post code:Srimangal post code:Narain Chora post code:Kalighat post code:Khejurichhara post code:Satgaon post code:Kamalganj post code:Keramatnaga post code:Patrakhola post code:Shamsher Nagar post code:Munshibazar post code:Kulaura post code:Tillagaon post code:Langla post code:Prithimpasha post code:Kajaldhara post code:Karimpur post code:Baramchal post code:Rajnagar post code:Baralekha post code:Juri post code:Dhakkhinbag post code:Purbashahabajpur post code: Earn Money Online.

Bangladesh Districts.Post a Comment. List of Rajakers District: Dhaka.

Sylhet SP Press Confarance

District: Tangail. District: Narshingdi. District: Narayanganj. District: Mymensingh. Mymensingh Sadar Thana. Nandail Thana. Phulpur Thana. Haluaghat Thana. Gaffargaon Thana. Muktagacha Thana. Fulbaria Thana. Bhaluka Thana. Trishal, Thana. District: Sherpur. Sherpur Sadar Thana. Nalitabari Thana. Sreebordi Thana. Jamalpur District. Islampur Thana. Netrokona District. Thana Netrokona Sadar. Thana- Atpara.

Thana Kalmakanda. Thana Purbadhala. Thana- Mohanganj. Thana- Durgapur.Dhanmondi Police Station: Address: R 6. H 21, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Important Forms Contact Us. Find Your Local Police. Adabor Police Station.

Chittagong Range

Badda Police Station. Banani Police Station. Bangshal Police Station.

sylhet thana list

Bimanbandar Police Station. Cantonment Police Station. Chalkbazar Police Station. Dakshin Khan Police Station. Darus-Salam Police Station. Demra Police Station. Dhanmondi Police Station. Gandaria Police Station. Gulshan Police Station. Hazaribag Police Station. Jattrabari Police Station. Kafrul Police Station. Kalabagan Police Station. Kamrangirchar Police Station. KhilgoanPolice Station. Khilkhet Police Station. Kodomtali Police Station.

Kotwali Police Station. Lalbagh Police Station. Mirpur Model Police Station. Mohammadpur Police Station. Motijheel Police Station. Mugda Police Station. New Market Police Station. Pallabi Police Station. Paltan Police Station.

Ramna Police Station. Rampura Police Station. Rupnagar Police Station. Sabujbag Police Station.Sylhet is the capital and richest city of the Sylhet Division in Bangladesh with a population of overresidents. Nestled in the picturesque Surma Valley amidst scenic tea plantations and lush green tropical forests, greater Sylhet is a prime attraction for all tourists visiting Bangladesh.

Sylhet has developed due to remittances from the expatriates living in Britain and America. Laying between the Khasia and the Jaintia hills on the north, and the Tripura hills on the south, Sylhet breaks the monotony of the flatness of this land by a multitude of terraced tea gardens, rolling countryside and the exotic flora and fauna.

Here the thick tropical forests abound with many species of wildlife, spread their aroma around the typical hearth and homes of the Monipuri Tribal maidens famous for their dance.

The Sylhet Valley is formed by a beautiful, winding pair of rivers named the Surma and the Kushiara both of which are fed by innumerable hill streams from the north and the south.

The valley has a good number of haors which are big natural depressions. During winter, these haors are vast stretches of green land, but in the rainy season, they turn into turbulent seas. These haors provide a sanctuary to the millions of migratory birds who fly from Siberia across the Himalayas to avoid the severe cold there.

Sylhet has also a very interesting and rich history, Before the conquest by the Muslims, it was ruled by local chieftains. An interesting feature of Sylhet region is the aboriginal tribes such as the Tipperas, the Monipuris, Khasis, and Garos who still live in their primitive ways in the hills, practicing their age-old rites, rituals, customs, and traditions. The Monipuris perform their famous dance, based on allegorical love themes of the ancient mythology.

Sylhet is one of the richest cities in Bangladesh, with the vast majority of rich residents have money sent from the UK and America, along with some of the most affluent residential areas in the country, third to only Dhaka and Chittagong. Please check the airline's website for the latest schedule.

Most of the flights in Sylhet are destined to the capital and largest city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. However, Fly Dubai has flights directly to Dubai. There are many luxury coaches and bus services from Dhaka to Sylhet. These services are available from am to pm.

For the latest schedule, it is recommended to contact the particular company. For budget travelers, there are Non AC bus services available from the Sayedabad bus terminal locally known as a Jonopath Mor, near Sayedabad Hujur's Mosque which depart every half hour from 6 am to midnight.

Efficient budget bus service companies are Hanif, Unique Service, etc. There are train services from DhakaChittagong and Comilla to Sylhet everyday. From Dhaka, there are three trains named Joyontika, Parabat and Upoban depart at morning, noon and evening. There is a new train named Kalni depart at afternoon from Dhaka. From Dhaka, it takes hours. Rickshaws are a common mode of transportation throughout the small town, along with the CNGs auto-rickshaws.

Don't take buses as they are usually unreliable for foreign tourists. If you stay with a friend or family member, they usually have atleast 1 driver who drives a car for them.

Do not take taxis if you are a foreigner, as crimes may happen. The traffic is relatively light to moderate in contrast to Dhaka's long jams.Kotwali Model Thana Sylhet Metropolitan area It is bounded by jalalabad and bimanbandar thanas on the north, dakshin surma thana on the south, shah paran thana on the east, Dakshin Surma and Jalalabad thanas on the west. Population Total ; male female ; MuslimHinduBuddhistChristian and others Archaeological heritage and relics Mazar of Hazrat shah jalal R.

Literacy rate and educational institutions Average literacy Cultural organisation Library 2, cinema hall 6, women's organisation 9, theatre group 5, playground 1. Main source of income Agriculture 2. Communication facilities Road: pucca Access to electricity All the wards of the thana are under electrification net-work.

However, Sources of drinking water Tube-well Sanitation Toggle navigation Banglapedia. Main page Random page Contact.

Jump to: navigationsearch. Kotwali Model Thana Sylhet Metropolitan. Water bodies Main rive: Surma. Administration Kotwali Model Thana was established on 12 December Religious institutions Mosquetemple 26, church 2, mazar Category : Local Government. This page was last modified on 9 Septemberat This page has been accessed 6, times. Privacy policy About Banglapedia Disclaimers Log in.It is bordered by the Indian states of MeghalayaAssam and Tripura to the north, east and south, respectively; and by the Bangladeshi divisions of Chittagong to the southwest and Dhaka and Mymensingh to the west.

Sylhet is an archaeologically ancient region of South Asia, and has a rich history of Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic culture. There are number of HinduSufi and Muslim shrines found in this division. Inthe current Sylhet Division, along with Karimganjwas known as the 'Sylhet district' and separated from mainland Bengal to be made a part of the non-regulation Chief Commissioner's Province of Assam Northeast Frontier Province in order to facilitate Assam's commercial development.

Inthe then Sylhet district was moved to the newly-created Assam Province alongside the other districts of the Surma Valley Division. Ina referendum was held in the Sylhet district, voting in favour of succession to Pakistan. However, the district's Karimganj subdivision was given to India after being pleaded by a delegation led by Abdul Matlib Mazumdar.

The modern-day Sylhet Division was known as the Sylhet district in Pakistan. InSylhet became part of the newly formed independent country of Bangladesh but remained in the Chittagong Division until The link was established in when the St Albans District Council supported a housing project in Sylhet as part of the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless. Sylhet was chosen because it is the area of origin for the largest ethnic minority group in St Albans. Sylhet also has many "friendship links" with other cities in the United Kingdomas majority of the half-million British Bangladeshis have origins in Sylhet.

This includes places such as RochdaleOldhamLondonand many more places. The area around Sylhet is a traditional tea growing area. The Surma Valley is covered with terraces of tea gardens and tropical forests. Srimangal is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh; for miles around, tea gardens are visible on the hill slopes. The area has over tea gardens, including three of the largest tea plantations in the world, both in terms of area and production. Employers prefer to engage women for plucking tea leaves since they do a better job than, but are paid less than, men.

A recent drought has killed nearly a tenth of the tea shrubs. The plantations, or gardens, were mostly developed during the British Raj.

sylhet thana list

The plantations were started by the British, and the managers still live in the white timber houses built during the Raj. The bungalows stand on huge lawns. The service and the lifestyle of managers are still unchanged. Numerous projects and businesses in the city and in large towns have been funded by Sylhetis living and working abroad.

As ofan estimated 95 percent of ethnic British Bangladeshis originated from or had ancestors from the Sylhet region. Sylhet has also benefited from tourism. Sylhet is also considered to be the spiritual capital of Bangladesh, due to the resting place of Shah Jalala Sufi saint who spread Islam in Bangladesh, along with hundreds of his disciples. The Sylhet Shahi Eidgah is a famous place where Eid prayers take place and it is one of the largest Eidgahs in Bangladesh, built by Farhad Khan during the reign of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

There are a number of hotels and resorts, particularly in Sreemangal Upazila and Bahubal Upazila. InSylhet was declared the 6th division of the country.It also includes RRF Sylhet.

In Sylhet became a part of East Pakistan as a result of a referendum except the sub-division of Karimganj. There are three circles in the district, which are South, North and Zakigonj circles. It has four check posts, two investigation centers, a divisional police hospital and an In-service training centre under the leadership of Superintendent of Police. During liberation war, 8 Eight police personnel of different ranks from this district were martyred. Habiganj District: Habiganj, having a total area of 2, Sunamganj is the 8th largest district in Bangladesh.

sylhet thana list

Area of Sunamganj district is 3, Moulvibazar District: In the year Moulovibazar subdivision was upgraded as a district. It is a district to the North-East of Bangladesh.

It is surrounded by Sylhet district in the north, Habigonj district in the west and Assam and Tripura in the east and south respectively. The main river of the district are the Manu, the Dholoi and the Juri which flow from India. Presently RRF, Sylhet has 7 camps.

As RRF, Sylhet does not have its own premises,it is currently sharing the facilities with the Sylhet district police. Ina total of Sylhet Range. Sylhet District: In Sylhet became a part of East Pakistan as a result of a referendum except the sub-division of Karimganj. Sunamganj District: Sunamganj is the 8th largest district in Bangladesh.

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